House of Artisan is your home of art.

Established in 2016 in Gympie and now gracefully nestled in Goomeri, the portal to the scenic South Burnett wine region and the famed annual Goomeri Pumpkin Festival (held on the last weekend of May), we have spent the last 8 years pioneering extraordinary art workshops, setting the spirits of hundreds of avid students ablaze!

We are a collaboration of not just good friends, but of artists and educators, each specialising in distinct artistic mediums. When you participate in one of our workshops, you can trust that you’re learning from individuals who have dedicated many decades to refining their craft. 

The expression “Jack of all trades, master of none” does not apply here. Our instructors are true masters in their respective fields. We prioritize matching you with a knowledgeable teacher who possesses specialized training and expertise in a specific discipline.

Recognizing the limitations of being proficient in every workshop we offer, we’ve diligently sought out the top talent in each industry.

Our workshops are anchored in three core principles: 1) Value, 2) Uniqueness, and 3) Culture. We prioritize quality over budget and present workshops in aesthetically pleasing settings, thoughtfully catered, personalised, fully insured and duly registered.

It’s not just about learning; it’s about connecting with impassioned craftspeople, as eager to share their artistry as you are to absorb their wisdom. Our Artisans excel at guiding you through a unique blend of techniques while encouraging the exploration and integration of your artistic talent. From novice to masterclass, the journey of mastering newfound knowledge and skills is entirely yours to unfold. We’re simply here to orchestrate the introduction.

These workshops beckon you to reclaim a sacred moment in your bustling week, immersing yourself in the company of kindred spirits, forging memories and friendships, all while delving into your creative essence.

Celebrate special occasions such as Hens Parties, Baby Showers, or Birthdays with elegance and flair! Bring your friends and family together to participate in one of our unique workshops today, where you can create cherished memories while crafting your own piece of art.

In search of a refined option for your next corporate gathering? Let us assist you in organizing a sophisticated workshop tailored for social clubs, conferences, or work Christmas parties. Delight your team with our exclusive art experiences, meticulously designed to promote teamwork and creativity. We firmly advocate for nurturing creativity within the workplace, recognizing its significant contributions to enhancing focus, problem-solving, and effective communication.

Welcome, to the House of Artisan. Revel in the experience!

Melek Fahey

07 4191 7605

Introducing Melek: Owner and Teacher of House of Artisan

Step into the vibrant world of Melek, a colourful and multi disciplined artist whose creative journey is a captivating exploration of self and surroundings.

As an educator, Melek not only channels her artistic prowess but also imparts her wisdom to aspiring talents. Through her guidance, she nurtures the next generation of artists, fostering an environment of creativity, self-discovery, and skill development.

Melek’s journey began as a student at the renowned House of Artisan, and it did not take long for her exceptional talents to be recognised. Swiftly transitioning from student to teacher, she assumed a pivotal role within the business. Seizing the opportunity, Melek assumed ownership of House of Artisan in 2019, steering it towards new heights of success while actively facilitating many workshops.

Immerse yourself in Meleks world, where each stroke of the brush, each intricately crafted piece, and each lesson taught becomes a chapter in a story woven with threads of creativity and passion.

Enroll in one of the exclusive Soap Making Workshops meticulously curated and instructed by her at OSKA + WILLOW.  Join the privileged cohort of students who will benefit from a comprehensive learning experience.

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Claudia Kruppel

Florist, Botanical Designer
0428 853 990

Introducing Claudia: Florist, Botanical Designer

Introducing Claudia Kruppel, originally from Germany, Gympie is where she has planted her roots and has called home for the last 15 years. Within her sanctuary aptly named Plant Presents, Claudia immerses herself in the artistry of botanical wonders, crafting intricate terrariums, kokedamas, succulent planters and offering an array of rare botanical treasures. Following her academic pursuits in German Health Law, Claudia ventured into the realm of IT. However, a yearning for natural beauty led her to embark on a journey to become a qualified Florist at Tafe in Brisbane, where her passion for all things green flourished, birthing an enduring love affair.

Plant Presents, the oasis founded by Claudia, sprouted from the concrete confines of an office nestled on the 42nd floor of a towering skyscraper, devoid of nature’s embrace. Initially crafting petite terrariums to infuse vitality into her personal space, the allure of her creations captivated colleagues, sparking an insatiable demand.

When Brisbane’s Style Magazines heralded Plant Presents among the elite purveyors of terrariums, the botanical odyssey began. Evolving from delicate terrariums to opulent centrepieces and succulent adornments, Claudia has ignited a verdant revolution in fashion.

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Teagan Watts

0448 868 178

Introducing Teagan: Trained Contemporary Artist and Qualified Teacher

Teagan is a trained Artist and teacher, with over 15 years experience in the classroom, and is the founder of founder of Artist & Maker in Northgate. She is an Alcohol ink and mixed media expert, combining her passion for beauty with the Science, and Chemistry of these fluid media. Since discovering alcohol inks over 5 years ago, Teagan has shared her knowledge with countless people and hosted hundreds of workshops across Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

She is renowned for her in depth instruction, presented in a way that both beginners and more experienced students can both benefit from. Teagan creates a fun and relaxed environment where you are encouraged to let loose and uncover your own unique creative capabilities.

Teagan has been featured on ‘The Today Show‘, had her artwork on Netflix series ‘Dive Club’, exhibited in various galleries and even showcased her jewellery on the runway!

Join one of her classes and experience the magic for yourself!

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Jenai Hooke

Natural Fibre Artist
07 5478 9443

Introducing Jenai: Alchemist, Natural Fibre Artist

From a childhood of foraging and making, Jenai emerged as an artist with a strong desire to create beautiful, sustainable, nature-based textiles and fibre arts. Natural fibres and plant dyes are the materials used to explore texture and colour.  The ancient crafts of Shibori, weaving, felting and printing on cloth are drawn upon to create contemporary art.

Discovering the secrets, science and tradition behind nature’s rich palette had Jenai travelling to Peru, Mexico, France and Japan to seek out the masters of natural dyeing and textile are. Indigo has become a strong focus, swept up in the magic of a blue pigment concealed in a green leaf; there for the taking for those with the knowledge and expertise to coax it out. Jenai runs regular workshops on all aspects of natural dyes from her bushland studio in Eudlo on the Sunshine Coast.

Jenai is the founder and director of the Sunshine Coast Natural Dyers Interest Group (SCNDIG) with a membership of over 300. Providing opportunities for members to explore and create with natural dyes, providing monthly play days, exhibitions and Workshops.

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Heather May

Mosaic Artist
0420 522 757

Introducing Heather: Mosaic Artist and Teacher

As a mosaic artist with a deep appreciation for nature, geometry, and cultural influences from her travels, Heathers artistic journey is a beautiful mosaic in itself, composed of vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and rich textures.

Drawing inspiration from the awe-inspiring works of Gaudi in Barcelona and the ancient Turkish mosaics in Sardis and Ephesus, Heather weaves together elements of architectural brilliance and historical story telling into her own creations.

As a dedicated teacher for over 30 years, she not only shares her technical expertise but also her passion for the art form, nurturing budding mosaic enthusiasts into skilled artisans. Heathers mosaic creations are not just static pieces, they are living testimony to the beauty of nature, the power of geometry, and the universal language of art.

An interesting fact about Heather; In 2019 she was commissioned by the Goomeri Pumpkin Festival Committee to adorn the bare concrete base beneath the remarkable 500 kg stone pumpkin, meticulously carved from a single block of Indonesian greenstone, situated in Goomeri’s market square. This intricate mosaic project consumed some 10 weeks of dedication and has been a source of delight for numerous visitors ever since.

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