When it comes to producing visual content, blogger and social media consultant Melissa Walker Horn has been developing her craft in the trenches since 2009. Having created Australia’s premier plus size fashion blogs Suger Coat It, there’s not much happening online that Melissa isn’t well versed in.

Suger Social is Melissa’s recently rebranded social media consultancy has been operating since 2010 (formally as Red Phone Business Services). Melissa invests hours per week into staying abreast of key trends, applications and ideas about delivering content online. Because of this, Melissa has become an in-demand resource for those looking to define and implement a social media strategy in South East Queensland.

Specialising in small business and personal branding, Suger Social helps you to create a vision and a plan for your brand, implement it and track the results so you can continue to improve and grow. Plus,it’s always fun. Working with small businesses because Melissa grew up in them. The idea that when your business succeeds a family and community succeeds with you matters.

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